nonrefundable investment


Remember That Time is money! Benjamin Franklin advised in 1748 in a brief treatise entitled Advice to a young tradesman.


From Dorian Gray buying time at the highest posible price, as told by Oscar Wilde, to the recent movie In Time in which this equation is taken to its most literal sense, in Art this need we feel to value this precious asset has been shown throughout History, now embodied in any of the hundreds of time banks already operating in the world.


In these times of crisis, is it not crazy to waste time, if it is so valuable?


However, what for some people is a waste, for others is, sometimes, the best investment of their life. And of the lives of those who are being accompanied. This is my experience. This I hope to communicate in this series of photographs of waiting rooms in which my family and I invest our precious time in the best possible way: by sharing it with my father during his fatal illness.



Impresión Digigraphie en papel Hahnemühle FineArt Glossy montadas sobre Dibond


Edición de tres ejemplares + una prueba de autor

© Álvaro Pérez Mulas

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