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I have been educated with an artist father. At home and in class. So, for me, the art became the natural means of expression. Although opposed to the traditional vision in which the artist chooses a field of work, sculpture in the case of my father, my approach is diametrically opposed. I believe that the medium should be adapted to the idea you want to convey. So I found myself working with photography, sculpture, video art, installation, performance, painting or comic strip, what I needed in each case.


The realization of my works no longer a way to dispose of an inner dialogue through which attempt to answer myself about the future and the consequences the course of time cause at the man and his environment, or transcendence and the sediment that we leave in our absence.


And also I work as a teacher, which has been really good for my work, as these two aspects are two sides of a single coin. My visual work is influenced by my educational approaches and these are completely flooded by the artistic creative process. So when I talk about my work I not differentiate two courses of action. Surely there is the origin of my interest in the perceptual system and its skewed interpretation based on vested interests, as well as to question and to take advantage using it as a starting point; or the relationship between the media, especially the visual and literary.



Álvaro Pérez Mulas

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