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Álvaro Pérez Mulas (1967) works in several areas, mainly photographic and sculptural, but seeking interdisciplinarity and experimentation, focusing on communication and the relationship between media.


Born in Zamora, Spain, Álvaro Pérez Mulas was formed at the Faculty of Fine Arts in Salamanca, as well as learning from his father, the sculptor Hipólito Pérez Calvo.

His interests soon increased from the sculpture of his childhood to the other forms of creation that he discovered in the faculty, especially photography and the audiovisual world. And this change crystallized during the year he stayed in Amsterdam, where he was imbued with the reality of contemporary art.


He has shown his artistic work in galleries, museums and cultural spaces in many Spanish cities, as well as in different spaces in Paris, Ghent, New Delhi, New York, Los Angeles or Miami.

At the same time, he has developed a work of innovation in art education with a peer group, with whom he forms the Colectivo El Punto Rojo (The Red Dot Collective). His approach to art education makes it indistinguishable from creative work.


Pérez Mulas' work focuses on the notions of reality and representation, perception and the alterations to which it is exposed, the interrelation of media or the duality of presence and the trace of lack.

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