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From the other shore
Desde la otra orilla.jpg

Artist book edited by Proyecto Arte Ediciones


Montserrat Villar González


Antonio Colinas

Art work:

Armando Arenillas, Concha Gay, Alvaro Pérez Mulas, Fernando García Malmierca, Javier Redondo.

The edition consists of 20 copies numbered 1/20 to 20/20, 5 P.A., 3 H.C. and 1 BNE produced in 2014.






The full book can be

viewed at Issuu 

proyecto arte  EDICIONES, is a space-workshop run by the Valladolid artists Concha Gay, Armando Arenillas and Javier Redondo, which began in 2004 as an initiative to publish graphic work and artist's books in various formats and collections.


The productions are open to collaboration with artists in the field of graphics and to the participation of poets and writers who contribute poems or short stories, thus converting the editions into book-folder formats, in which the graphic works coexist with the text.

In this context, I received the invitation to participate in the book with the creators of the publishing house and Fernando García Malmierca, as well as the poet Montserrat Villar González, who gave us a marvellous text, a long poem in search of a metaphorical world that distances the poetic I and its companion from this world of realities that suffocate freedom and beauty.

Like Ulysses, the sea is the liquid element that welcomes the initial desperation of those who cross it, their symbolic death and the longing to find another world in which to be reborn. Behind that sea, after a desperate struggle to get away from nothingness, another possible future with no name, no rocks, no shadows, where everything is initial and primordial, where all the past is forgotten, returning to life again with no past to drown. A new life without the burdens of past times, without ties... a life born from the here and now, without ghosts, vampires, conscience or memories.

Each artist contributed with two works to this beautiful song of despair and hope, of words and images.

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