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Panem et circenses.

Tenth June Juvenal (60-128)

Power is an asymmetrical relationship. Cultures create figures of power and subjugation, transmitted through education.

José Antonio Marina (1939-)

The audiovisual media and the internet have turned the world, which feels smaller and smaller, into a stage. It seems logical that the stage should be used as a metaphor for the world.

A world, ours, in which day by day we can see how traditional religions dissolve to be replaced by a new pleiad of demons and gods made up of public figures, where it is their appearances and sayings that give them splendour beyond their true merits and achievements. Men sacralised as new gods or cast down as new demons, a new mythology, in short, that uses the media for its expansion, and feeds on the meekness and disinterest of the masses to guarantee its hegemony.


On the other hand, the ordinary citizen is only invited to look on at this banquet of opulence and falsehoods, as his or her capacity to intervene, mediated by deficient education, has been reduced to little more than nodding and applauding.

Meanwhile, someone watches from the dark areas, hidden by the glare produced by the scene, controlling everything. Because these individuals will never show their faces.

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